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We think we can sustain (good economic growth) for no less than one more year and maybe for a number of beyond that, said PNC Chief Economist Stuart Hoffman. Customers from the Wyoming branch may go to PNC branches in Plains or Kingston. These ''units'' could be traded forward and backward just like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to support investor demand. So all in all it was a decent second quarter for PNC. The stock had a trading number of 1,905,544 shares. pnc online banking's new ATM rollout comes about the eve of a brand new industry deadline: Starting next month, on Oct. The merger was blessed with the presidential candidates of all parties. The shares were acquired at a normal cost of $14. I still feel I'm within the early stages of searching for schools for my goals academically and athletically. Halyard Health has an average rating of Buy as well as a consensus target cost of $36.