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How do I Post an Ad?


- Register for a user account and follow our simple registration process. Register here
Once you've completed your registration, you can login.

Follow the instructions to fill in the details of your listing. Make sure to fill in all of the fields marked with the red asterisks (*).

Please Review your listing for any spelling errors. Double check and make sure that the email address is correct.

When you are satisfied, click Post Now to publish your listing on our website.

If you do not require a user account:-
you will need to check your email inbox for the verification link each time you place an Ad!



Upload pics problem?


Photos are a great way to help sell your product or service, with South Florida Service you can include up to 4 photos/images for Free. 

The maximum image size that can be uploaded to South Florida Classified is 800 kb.
Size limit pixel 800 x 600 Pixels

Still not uploading? ..Please check to make sure the file Types are one of the following;
gif, jpeg, png, GIF, JPEG, PNG

If you get really stuck,  just send a email for our Administrator for solved you problem



How can I protect my email address from spammers?


South Florida Classified does not support showing your email address in Ads. Please use a contact form option when you post your ad. It gives you the best possible anonymity and helps to prevent email harvesters, spammers and scammers from accessing your email address



What kind of ads violate the Terms of Use of the site.


Ads with erotic , pornography ,obcene content is blocked  and filtered and suspend the account inmediatly and yuo IP Address Baned . Our site reserves the right to remove any content portal that does not comply strictly with the rule of the portal